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What We Do

We provide independent, specialist knowledge and guidance to companies relocating or refurbishing their office environment



Website Services

Tools, advice, checklists and guides

If you are considering an office move and fit out project then our range of online tools will quickly allow you to pinpoint your space requirements, budgets and timescales. Then before engaging with your support team of suppliers, designers and professionals a review of our free guides will provide a foundation for you to understand all of the key areas of consideration.

Office Relocation IT & Telecoms Guide. Guide to the Office Relocation Process. Office Design Briefing Questionnaire. Guide to Sustainable Office Design. Guide to Choosing an Office Fit-out Partner. Guide to Office Relocation Suppliers and Professionals. Office Fit-Out Terminology. Guide to the Office Design Process

Website interactive

FAQ’s & Interactive Q & A

We have provided answers to the most commonly asked questions about our website and related services. Alternatively if you would like to ask more in depth questions about us or have project specific queries then we would be pleased to help you through our interactive question and answer service.

Commonly asked questions. Online question the experts. Book a meeting


Workplace Services

Guidance for property strategy and setting of project goals

If you are considering your future property strategy or have an imminent relocation project our team of consultants will be able to support you in formulating your plans. This service can range from attending project team discussions through to full accommodation and strategy reporting.

Space utilisation and accommodation review. Needs testing. Big picture strategy. Alternative options. Location selection. Project action steps.

Budget & cost advice

Our team are perfectly positioned to help you to formulate your initial project budget and to map out the various stages of fine tuning required in the development of your project. It is important to understand your risks regarding this most sensitive area and how to steer your plans through the process without falling victim to common avoidable errors.

Avoiding cost escalation during the build phase. Management of the procurement process. Achieving best value. Avoiding costly omissions. Timing of contractual commitment. Areas of risk. Common mistakes.

Design & planning advice

To ensure achievement of the very best in creativity and practicality it is vital to engage with designers who understand your vision and who are client orientated rather than focused around the ideals of their own practice. By understanding and developing an outline design brief and vision with us you will be able to enter the designer selection process with a clear understanding of your requirements.

Design concept. Space analysis . Statutory requirements. Sustainability in design. DDA compliance. CDM compliance. Your responsibilities. Furniture concepts. Building shortlists. Timescales. Furniture and filing audits. Space planning

Management and staff briefing interviews

Our team will undertake management and staff interviews to establish the framework of needs and wants throughout the organisation. This information can then be formalised with the input of your senior team to produce an inclusive vision document to supplement the design brief.

Briefing interviews with senior management. Staff interviews. Creative vision document

Provision of a detailed briefing document

The briefing document is the cornerstone of proceedings setting out the principal objectives and foundation information for the scheme. Our experts will produce this document using our tried and tested formula to ensure that all parties are clearly directed in every aspect of the project.

Project objectives . Project vision. Design aspirations. Design concept. Spatial analysis. Space plans. Specification guide. Budget guide. Project timescales.

Administration / pre selection service

Administration and communication requirements around all aspects of your project will very quickly gain pace. We are able to field the flood of sales calls and emails on your behalf that you will inevitably receive as soon as your requirement becomes public knowledge. We also offer support in strengthening your internal project capability and communication with key stakeholders and your internal team.

Receive and screen supplier sales calls and e-mails. Screen and shortlist suitable suppliers and professionals. Collate information and reports for supplier credentials, ratings and relevant experience. Source and co-ordinate lease financing options. Source and recruit facilities managers and property professionals for client internal appointment. Create project web site. Manage internal communication

Guidance on appointment of suitable property professionals and suppliers to support your project

The key strength of Strategy Hat is our unrivalled independent knowledge of the commercial office world and the myriad of suppliers and professionals. Once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements we will be able to provide direction in establishing the most appropriate network of suppliers to implement your project. We will interview and shortlist candidates for all disciplines and are happy to attend pitch presentations or to provide expert feedback on proposals.

Selection advice and support regarding: Commercial property agents. Project managers. Designers. Design & construction specialists. Furniture suppliers. IT & telecoms. Legal & contractual matters. Technical consultants. Supplier interviews. The project brief. Pitch presentations.  Pitch review & selection support. Contractual guidance.

Support and advice as the project progresses

Once you have appointed the project team we would be happy to sit beside your steering committee to support the on-going process or to be available for third party advice should you encounter challenges during the development of your scheme.

General advice. Problem solving. Project meetings.

Workplace consultancy

For clients looking to optimise their office space while increasing productivity and well being our analysis and strategy service provides a comprehensive solution. Our process takes you through defined phases across all areas affecting the working environment encompassing spatial use, brand integration, technological and environmental issues and their impact on your business and people.

Whether you need to relocate, re-structure or refurbish your office environments we take all levels of your organisation through a collaborative process transforming the workplace, reducing costs and environmental impacts, increasing staff retention and productivity and enhancing culture and brand expression.