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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What do you do?

Strategy Hat provides information and guidance for companies relocating or going through a refurbishment. This includes guidance with regard to methodology and recommendation of suppliers and professional teams.

Q How does the service work?

You can either make use of our on-line tools and guide books or if you prefer request a call or a meeting with one of our experts.

Q What makes you experts?

The team is made up of experienced professionals from all of the key disciplines needed for a design, build and relocation project.

Q How do you charge?

If we are retained we have an hourly rate and charge in the same way as an accountant or lawyer.

Q How long do you stay involved?

We can support you with your initial key decisions only or remain involved for the duration of the project.

Q Do you receive introductory fees from suppliers?

We like to engage directly with our clients based on our standard fee structure. If the client prefers we can negotiate introductory commissions from chosen suppliers in lieu of our normal fee.

Q Will my project remain confidential?

At the point of engaging with Strategy Hat your project will be treated as confidential. We are also happy to enter into non-disclosure agreements.

Q How do we engage your services?

Just call or e-mail and we will arrange for one of our experts to meet you for an initial meeting free of charge.