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The Stategy Hat Office Design Philosophy

Design in the contemporary office drives every element of a fit out project and determines the end result and lasting impression for all of the energy invested in the process. It is important to understand that strong interior design in the working environment needs to possess a careful balance of the creative and the practical. Technology and services within the existing built space and the technology and infrastructure required by the new occupier will ensure that these practicalities have a serious impact upon the flexibility available to the creative team. The design will of course also influence budget and specification, and it is important at an early stage to ensure your available funds match your aspirations.

This may seem a little disappointing to the potential occupier with a grand vision for their new space, but with the correct approach it is possible to produce a perfect aesthetic within a reasonable budget, while also complying with the building’s restrictions and any statutory regulations. To the untrained eye, it is almost impossible to discern between a well thought out scheme and a scheme that looks impressive but lacks depth and quality. The result of the latter will result in problems relating to the functionality of the building services and could be disastrous and costly to rectify at a later date.

At Strategy Hat, we recognise and endorse design carried out with integrity. Whether you have offices in London or other UK regions, our team will guide you in the early stages of your building assessment with test fit space plans against an initial review of the services and technology. Following the assessment process, we are able to support you in the process of selecting your team of designers. This choice will be based both on their creative prowess and their ability to translate these ideas into a completed scheme that works at every level of the build, from cost of delivery and quality of specification, to timescales for implementation.

Please feel free to request a copy of our design checklist and our guide to sustainable office design on the links below. Our team are also available to answer any design specific queries with our e-mail Q & A service or in person through our team of consultants.

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Sustainable Office Designers London

Sustainable design is not only the current buzz phrase but also the way of the future for ethical design with integrity for the modern office


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Inspired Office Interior Design

Our image and ideas library is intended to supply inspiration for your office design scheme


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Office Design Checklist

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Guide to Office Design

Our office design checklist informs you of all the fundamentals of the design process. Study the list to ensure you don’t miss any important pointers.


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