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Calculator Tools

Our range of online tools will allow you to pinpoint the three key areas of consideration when relocating or refurbishing your workspace.

Space Calculator


Why is my space requirement so important?

The total space needed for your new office is a fundamental issue to address as early in the move process as possible. Once you have an accurate guide to your spatial needs you can brief your commercial property agent to start the search for a new building or floor space. Remember, taking excess space can cost you dearly in increased rental costs, and conversely, under estimating your space can really backfire over the course of a lease term where your business will likely need room and flexibility to adapt or grow on demand.

An overview of office space calculations

There are three stages to understanding your office space requirements. Our office space calculator will provide you with an accurate guide figure for you to brief your property agent and begin your search. Once you have found a shortlist of favourite building options you will need block plans or test fit space plans to prove the space and check that it meets your broad requirements. Finally when you have selected your favoured space, detailed space plans will need to be produced taking into account the limitations imposed by building services, fire regulations , disabled access and any restrictions imposed by the landlord.

What next

Once you have established a guide to your square footage requirements you can move on and establish a headline budget for your fit out works and an estimate of likely timescales for the project.


Most people fail to allow sufficient future expansion space to cover the term of their lease so be sure to consider contingency for the future.

Every building will have differing pros and cons with regard to the efficiency of the available space. Some will have restrictive floor shapes with imposing columns or core structures and others will be designed to more freely accommodate modern office environments. Test fit your brief into a number of building options to get a feel for how your business gels with a particular space.

Space plans tend to make a space look tighter for space than reality. Have your designers produce 3D models during your concept and test fit phase before making a decision on your favoured space.

Project Budget Calculator


How do I calculate my budgets?

Once you have established the guide space requirement for your office space you can then also focus on a firm budget range for the total fit out spend. Our project budget calculator will allow you to calculate your initial budgetary guide range based on some simple criteria. Once you move on to begin developing a design scheme within shortlisted buildings you should move through a number of iterations of your budget finally establishing a firm fixed sum against a clear design and specification.


Step 1 - Establish an outline budget guide before beginning your building search using our web tool
Step 2 - Formulate an accurate budget guide against a broad specification and shortlisted buildings working with our consulting team or your existing suppliers
Step 3 - Once you have a detailed design scheme in a favoured building cost clarity can be established
Step 4 - Prior to entering a contract for the works the scheme should be reviewed and engineered to provide a firm fixed cost against a design and specification that is agreed and understood by all parties

Ensure at an early stage that your aspirations can be met by your available budget as this may influence location and building choice

Be aware of your level of commitment to your suppliers and ensure that formal contract is reserved for the latter stages when costs have been firmly established

Take a look at our budget reminder list that encapsulates other headings related to your relocation and other on-going property related costs

Consider finance options and tax concessions that are available. Take a look at our Guide to tax and finance

Relocation Timescale Calculator


How long will it all take?

The timescale for the design and build phase of the project is simple to establish using our calculator. The tool is designed to work on projects in existing building spaces fitted out to a landlords CAT A level (see our jargon guide for explanation) requiring a tenants fit out which is relevant in 90% of new office moves. If you are in a situation where you require a new build or more in depth works from building shell and core or a major in-situ refurbishment you will need to discuss your timescales with our consulting team to establish an accurate programme.


The major variable in a relocation project will be the building search phase. Much like finding a residential home an office search can be an emotional experience with the need for consensus among the decision making team . Add to this market competition and the quirks of potential landlords and this element of the programme can be testing. Appointing an experienced and appropriate commercial property agent and a workplace consultant is vital at an early stage.

Decision making with regard to design and costs by the client team is often the second biggest variable in the process. Ensure that the project leader has the influence to ensure that these decisions are made in good time and do not adversely affect progress.