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Workplace Consultancy – K.I.S.S.

Workplace Consultancy, Workplace Strategy or Workplace Optimisation, call it what you will, it’s the new big thing changing the way the office interiors industry engages with its client base. The change is definitely coming it’s just the speed of transition that is up for debate.

New Ways of Working

Remote working, removal of cellular offices, co-working, hot desking, hoteling and third spaces all describe trends sweeping the modern office environment often recommended as a result of an in-depth Workplace process.

Inclusive of a considered consultation across all levels of your business from senior management through to the junior ranks this modern approach to understanding your workplace must surely be a good thing ?

In most instances yes. However as always, with varying approaches from different companies fighting for business there is a tendency to over complicate the offering with the creation of meaningless jargon and pointless exercises in an attempt to impress and entice potential clients.

Whether you are a Law firm considering a switch from traditional private offices to an open plan environment, or a technology business thinking of decentralising your office location, it is important to engage with the very best advisors who will walk you calmly through a comprehensive but simple process.

The Workforce Expects Change

A thorough study should include a confidential employee feedback survey to understand how your team currently feel about their space, time utilisation studies to see what they get up to all day, creative workshops to facilitate a collaborative approach to brand positioning and design concepts and spatial analysis to quantify current and projected requirements for your physical office space.

Clear Outcome

The outcome of a well conducted process will provide a clear and concise report to inform your senior team in the midst of planning your future office property strategy. You should end the day armed with a blueprint for your next generation of office space which not only works practically for your business objectives but has the buy-in of the wider team.

Just remember K.I.S.S – kEEP IT SIMPLE ……..:)


Please take a look at our range of guides to the office relocation process taking you through the ins and outs of the industry

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