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What’s Driving Your Office Relocation?

Is there ever a right time to relocate? If you’ve considered moving office in the last few months, you’ll know that it’s not an easy decision by any means.

Aside from the physical upheaval, there are plenty of other considerations at hand. Deciding exactly why you want to move is an essential element at the start of any relocation project.

Of course, when you first moved into your current premises, perhaps it offered what you needed at the time. As your business expanded and changed, so have your office requirements.

Some of the common reasons for relocating office in London include:

Location… Location … Location

Whether lease expiry is imminent or you’ve a gut-feel that now is the time to move, where your office is based can shape your business future.

A more visible presence in the capital might initially come at a higher price tag, but a higher profile location can attract a larger client base.

Let’s not forget the importance of accessibility. Consider your proximity to transport links now, and how moving would impact on your staff.

Business Expansion

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current premises, or are involved in a business merger or acquisition? If so, upgrading to a larger office space is a necessity – a strategic business move.

Larger offices enable you to increase staff levels, boost workload and best meet future business needs.

Cost Efficiency

Cutting overall costs is often a key trigger for many businesses. If your rental lease is sky high or maintenance/utility overheads are costly, relocating offices can save you money.

That’s not all… The opportunity to negotiate a more flexible leasing agreement is on the cards too. Don’t forget, also, that a smaller working space can lower your operating costs.

Brand Positioning

There’s no doubt: a modern office design can showcase a company – projecting it as a professional business. For many enterprises considering an office move, its image – or brand perception – is a strong driving force.

The location, building features and tailored interior design combine to paint a picture of a successful, growing business.

Need More Advice?

Here at Strategy Hat in the heart of London, we advise any business considering an office move to look at it from all angles.

For starters, take a read through this advice guide: Guide to the Office Relocation Process. Plus, if you are embarking on an office relocation in the next 18 months, don’t leave anything to chance. Simply drop us a line, or call 0207 618 8918.

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