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Two Essentials for Your Category B Fit-Out

In every commercial relocation or refurbishment, an office comes to life at the Category B fit-out stage. It’s when the blank canvas gets an injection of style, personality and branding.

With infinite options at your fingertips, the final look and feel of an office interior can be utterly bespoke, unique to you.

As ever, the human element is often the deciding factor in planning a fit-out. How will the fixtures, fittings and features impact on staff? After all, a happy workforce makes for a productive business.

Here are two ways you can make a difference to staff well-being:

Let There be Light

Poor office lighting can have a detrimental effect on your team’s health – causing a range of symptoms from eyestrain and migraine to lethargy and poor concentration.

Fluorescent lighting is one of the biggest offenders! Instead, why not introduce more natural light?

  • Introduce skylights or larger windows to bring natural light into the office
  • Install linear LED suspension lighting
  • Consider ambient lighting for visual comfort

Interestingly, various studies conclude that being exposed to artificial light for many hours of the day can make us more sleepy, while natural light increases alertness…

The importance of natural light cannot be underestimated. Neither can colour…

Get Colour Creative

One of the simplest ways to breathe individuality into an office space is to get creative with colour. After all, colour stirs emotions. The right combination can be uplifting, yet calming. Exhilarating, yet soothing…

And, of course, you can put your individual stamp on an office look and feel with fixtures and fittings echoing brand colours. Sensational!

What are this year’s colour trends? As we’ve already explored with you, one of the office design inspirations of 2015 is drawn from nature.

That means an eclectic mix of natural colours, light and dark contrasts, and softer wood tones. Neutrals, for instance, can look fabulous with a twist of vibrant colour.

As ever, what matters is what atmosphere you want to achieve. Though, of course, the ultimate goal is to blend comfort and practicality with effortless style…

Design Inspiration

When you need some inspiration, direction or good old fashioned advice, we’ve a great team here at Strategy Hat ready to help.

You can also download some of our useful guides, as well as browse the online gallery – packed with gorgeous design ideas.

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