The Ultimate Office Move Checklist

That perfect workspace can be yours when you shortlist what you want from the start. Step-by-step planning is a sure-fire way to whittle down what really matters. Plus help you make sound decisions, and avoid costly errors later.


Here’s a handy checklist featuring seven super steps to help you plan ahead:

1. Transport links

It’s pointless finding the perfect building in the wrong London location. Consider your customers and suppliers. Is the new office accessible? What about the daily commute for staff? Are there bus, train and tube facilities nearby?

2. Floorspace layout

Have you researched what works or what doesn’t for your staff? Conduct a feasibility study to make sure you know how to best use available space. It’s likely you’ll need quiet zones, breakout spaces and communal areas for starters.

3. Storage

An office relocation is the ideal time to reassess your storage needs. Do you need secure staff lockers? What about office supplies space, document storage, storerooms for stock? Remember to allow for slightly more space than you need to allow for future growth.

4. Modern IT systems

What’s already in the proposed building? What cabling and installation issues are there? Does your IT infrastructure need an upgrade? Wireless networks are now an office norm, helping staff work in different places including from home. Can you afford not to install such technology?

5. Parking

What parking is available onsite as well as locally? Not everyone commutes by public transport. Plus it helps to consider where visiting clients will park should they need to.

6. Local amenities

Is the proposed building close to shops and a decent variety of food outlets? Or will you have kitchen facilities and canteen available onsite? Happy tummies make for a more productive staff!

7. Natural resources

As mentioned many times before here at Strategy Hat, it’s essential to make sure your office environment contributes to employee wellbeing. Creating a sustainable office – from incorporating eco-friendly trends to harnessing natural light – is a key factor in great office design. Consider how to make your future office a more stimulating environment where staff feel content.