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The Office Design & Build Premier League


As a new Premier League football season begins with Manchester City set to do battle with Chelsea and a handful of contenders for the coveted title , my thoughts turn to the players and the team that enable success in this most competitive of arenas.

The A – Team

There are the A team players that provide a solid foundation for defence, discipline, control and hard work, Demichelis, Kompany. Then there are the superstar players that make the difference between nearly making it and reaching the very top, Toure, Silva, Aguero.

The B – Team

Then there’s the B team, have you heard of Adam Drury, Greg Leigh or George Swan? or the U 18 team Sam Tattum, Brandon Barker?…. probably not. Fine players I am sure, with potential and maybe one or two of them will make it to the first team in years to come.┬áThe bottom line is that even in this arena of sporting excellence the difference between the A team and winning and the B team and obscurity is huge.

Team Selection

Back in the less glamorous world of office design and fit-out things are no less competitive and the consequences of a project failure just as real, expensive and painful.

When you are in the process of  selecting a property agent, designer, project manager or fit-out contractor for your relocation project how will you know if you are engaging with the right partner to support you?

You may have done some research and selected a business with some great case studies and a long track record, but how do you know if you are working with the A team, the B team or even the C or D team? How important is your project to them? Have they worked together before? Are they up to the job?

The team at Strategy Hat has been assembled to provide the answers to all of these questions using our extensive experience of the Office design and fit-out market place. Not only are we able to steer you through the initial planning stages of the project, we can also identify the very best suppliers, individuals and teams to support you at this pivotal time for your business. Perhaps most importantly we can make sure you avoid the common mistakes when selecting your suppliers and entering the process of planning your move.

Feel free to take a look at our Guide to Selecting a Fit-Out Partner and our additional guides and checklists for some initial direction, but before you meet your potential suppliers please call or request a meeting and we will be pleased to help you to take the best possible route forward for the challenge ahead.

You may not be trying to win the Premier League but you need to ensure relegation is out of the question!!







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