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Planning Your Office Space? Five Key Questions…

In all the years we’ve spent at the coalface of London office design, five key questions keep popping up. When it comes to space planning, in particular, some fundamentals can’t be overlooked.

If you are a regular Strategy Hat blog reader, you’ll know we often mention planning. It really is the cornerstone of any great office design. That’s because every part of the office needs to work. No wasted corners or ‘elephant in the room’ spaces here.

Our office designers get to work on maximising space to give clients a workable floor space – one that won’t limit staff, but offers them added flexibility. An important ‘must’ in every office, don’t you agree?

Let’s crack on with five key questions…


1: Is it Time to Reorganise How You Work?

An office fit-out is an ideal time to change how your staff work. Consider who needs to be next to who? How many collaborative spaces do you need? Is there a need to bring in more agile-responsive capabilities?

Undoubtedly, collaborative and creative thinking spaces now feature in more office designs than ever before – such as this inspiring office in California.


2: What Works Well Now?

Even in an office refurbishment, it’s essential to bear in mind current office features which work brilliantly now. Why not conduct a staff audit to get a general feel for what matters to your staff? Consulting staff in decision making can hugely boost morale too…

Plus, consider whether one part of your business is growing. Do you need to allocate more space to accommodate it?


3: How Accessible is Your Office?

Nowadays, it’s vital to make sure that your office refurbishment enables everyone – whether able-bodied or not – to access all areas.

Consider ensuring maximum accessibility. So consider entrances and lifts, washrooms and even width space between desks.


4: How Noisy Are You?

In some offices, the constant noise and ongoing chatter can drive many a hard working employee to distraction!

With employee well-being high on office agendas these days, it would be shrewd to consider how noise impacts on staff.

Ask yourself how many private, noise-free areas do you need if creating an open plan office? Not everybody craves company… Many talented people work best in isolation, especially when they need to think!

WeWork, London

WeWork, London – where agile-working and collaboration is their main focus

5: Are Looks Important?

Does your office fit-out need to be client-facing? Does your office design need to have a contemporary look? Is it important that your office is a showcase for your business?

Aside from aesthetics, how an office looks can affect how staff feel. Staff productivity, as you know, should be an essential consideration in office space planning. After all, a happy team is a productive one!

Unsure How to Get Started?

Our team in London are ready to help you at the drop of a hat. Well, a Strategy Hat! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if the thought of space planning daunts you. Here’s how to drop us a line.

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