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Out with the old, in with the new?

The world of office design is ever-changing… With evolving technology, new trends and attitudes to the office environment, businesses don’t want to be left behind.

London, of course, is a global city. With office development on the rise, investment in Crossrail and residential redevelopment, London is once again at the forefront of commerce.

That’s why an office refurbishment in the City is an investment in your business future. It makes sense, then, to consider how to make your office space work at a premium. Let’s look at some key refurbishment aspects…

The building

Ask yourself this: what needs to change, and why? After all, you don’t need to change everything in a refurbishment project just for the sake of it. What about the office building itself?

Retaining original features of an older-style building with wooden floors and beams, for instance, can add much-needed character.

Equally a building with architectural history and structure can be modernised inside to reflect contemporary needs without losing its heritage.

Of course, swanky features can be added to an existing building’s structure to adapt what’s already there – such as this one in London’s heartland. It’s certainly visually distinctive, and yet is perfectly fit-for-purpose.

Office interiors

Agile working principles along with sustainable office considerations are driving many of the innovative ideas shaping today’s interior design landscape.

Though office buildings have a set layout to start with, they can be reconfigured to offer a company maximum flexibility.

Worth remembering, then, that at the heart of every business is its people. The same principle applies to office refurbishment.

Ultimately, it’s all about what you want your employees to achieve – and to keep them as productive and happy as possible within the workplace.

That’s why an office refurb is your chance to explore how you can get the best out of everybody, while attracting top talent and customers.

Better still, the truly exciting part of every commercial refurbishment is realising the possibilities… That’s where Strategy Hat can help you best.

With a team of independent office design experts at your disposal, we can help you take the next best step. Call us for a chat today…

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