Office Interior Design Ideas Fit for 2015

Office design is evolving. There is little doubt that the recent trend away from purely functional offices to engaging, stimulating workplaces is set to continue in 2015 and beyond.

Which design ideas are likely to shape office fit out projects in the future? Here are our predictions:

The Sustainable Office

More businesses are considering how the office structure, technology and company culture impact on employee well-being. Little wonder, then, that companies relocating offices are building environmentally friendly factors into their design plans.

Eco-friendly trends set to continue include:

  • Interior design features reflecting nature
  • More natural light bringing the outdoors in
  • Green technology to reduce a company’s carbon footprint

Energy efficiency is already a key factor in office interior design. This year, though, it’s not just about a building’s green credentials that matter. The focus has shifted to how the working environment impacts on employees.

The Rise of Inclusive Workspaces

Open plan office layouts don’t suit everyone. In fact, the constant hustle and bustle of an open plan environment can seriously affect concentration levels – and therefore productivity.

To minimise workplace distractions, office fit outs across London have seen a sharp increase in quiet zones and private booths where employees have their own space to think.

This trend is part of an overall change of awareness in how productive people work. In fact, the focus on employee happiness is linked to our final 2015 prediction: flexibility.

Agile Working

Google’s swanky new London office opening in 2016 will see flexible office design at its finest. Features include open plan networking alongside collaborative zones to inspire fresh thinking – while a swimming pool and football pitch offer employees relaxing down-time. All clever incentives to increase staff loyalty and retention…

Of course, if your budget is more modest than Google’s, focus on the principle: an agile office design to inspire employees. This certainly offers many business benefits: greater collaboration, cohesive working systems, and a productive team – to name but a few.

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