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Office Design to Infinity & Beyond!


Albert Einstein may have been a source of cutting edge scientific breakthroughs but his office happened to be a complete mess!

Fast forward to 2008 and Steve Jobs as an innovator of more recent times also seemed to find his inspiration amongst the debris of half empty coffee cups, discarded paperwork and piles of old books. I wonder if there is a message for us all there ?

If chaos fed creativity in the home study Jobs took no such chances when it came to his beloved Apple corporation. In his last ever formal public appearance he presented the design proposals for Apples Infinite Loop office complex in an attempt to secure approval for its construction from the planning authorities.

Being major local land owners and employers meant that approval of the scheme save for a few amendments was always going to be a formality.

Apple's Infinite Loop

Apple’s Infinite Loop

The concept of Infinite Loop to accommodate up to 12000 employees under one roof was ambitious by anyones standards. Rather than cramming bodies into the minimum practical space possible Apple allocated generous working environments to their people along with implementing innovative working practices and flexible spaces. For a brand built on its design credentials it is no surprise that the same principles have been applied to their office space.

Find an Office Design Expert

If you are considering an office relocation or fit out project for your business you may not be in a position to design your own bespoke office complex, however the design philosophy and technical approach to your new office design and construction will have a huge influence on the happiness and productivity of your people.

Rather than sticking with the existing blueprint of your current office space a relocation is a perfect time to consider new ways of working, open plan environments, flexible spaces and collaborative hubs to encourage creativity and teamwork.

The first step to designing your new space is to find a design team who can provide innovative ideas coupled with the technical knowhow to ensure your office design and fit out is as practical as it is beautiful.

There are as many great London based design and fit out firms as there are pretenders and a qualified referral is highly recommended. After all, the consequences of a poorly executed or delayed project are not worth thinking about.

Take a look at our range of guides which are full of ideas and information to take you through the process smoothly.

As we head into 2015 good luck with any new office interiors projects and if your office at home is a chaotic mess in need of a major overhaul don’t be too concerned… you are in the company of at least a genius or two!!

Take a look at our range of guides to the Office Design Process

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