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Office Design & Relocation ? Answers to the Top 3 Questions


Strategy Hat are a team of workplace experts formed to walk clients through what is the complex, costly and often risky journey of locating, designing and fitting out a new office space.

Why Strategy Hat?

We provide information, guidance and specialist supplier referrals to end user clients looking to relocate their office accommodation. Our bespoke information covers all elements of the key project stages starting with your office search through the entire design, project management and physical construction of your office environment.

Our website will provide you with everything you need to understand the office relocation process. Then through our face to face consultancy service we are able to drill down and help you with your particular project specifics.

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The Top 3 Questions

As a great starting point we’ve highlighted the three most commonly asked questions raised by business leaders relocating or refurbishing their office space and have created some easy to use web tools to point you in the right direction.

Q 1. How much space do we need? Try our office space calculator to get a good steer on your spatial requirements.

Q 2. How long will it take?
Our office relocation timescale tool will generate an outline project programme for you to see both your overall timescales and where in the timeline you should be right now.

Q 3. How much will it cost? Probably more than you think but our office relocation budget calculator will help prepare you for the shock!

The answers to these three questions will at least provide a flavour of the bigger picture for you as you start to plan your office relocation. However, you should be aware that 75% of businesses leave things way too late to begin the planning stages.

There are numerous variables involved in the process, all of which can affect your timescales.The biggest time related risk is securing a suitable new office with the correct location, the right type of space and favourable financial terms. Any delays can lead to problems that ultimately cost money and time with a fair dose of stress thrown in.

Our one piece of advice as we depart is to avoid being one of the 75% by putting yourself firmly in the driving seat as early on as you can in the process.

I hope you enjoy exploring our site and find it useful and easy to navigate around. Please keep in touch with us as we develop our content and provide further tools and guidance in the coming months and of course any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Also please take a look at our Office Relocation Process guides & checklists


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