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London Office Search……Who hid the Gherkin ?

Over the last decade 30 St Marys Axe, better known as ‘The Gherkin’ has become as familiar a part of the London skyline as St Pauls.

Being involved in some of the very first office design and fit-out projects within it’s walls has also led me to develop a soft spot for what has recently been voted our favourite London tower building.

Sadly with the recent spate of new towers emerging, from the Cheesegrater to the Walkie Talkie, and with many others either planned or under construction, the dear old Gherkin is now overshadowed and often completely obscured by its new taller companions.

^ Its in there somewhere!

Maybe there’s a case for stricter planning law overseeing some of our modern architecture in the same way that St Pauls has been so fiercely protected ?

Skyscrapers are different

As well as the planning challenges thrown up by the towers there are some practical issues that have arisen. Each tower is a bespoke development often testing new boundaries in construction technology, media profile and physical height and scale.

There have been a number of well documented issues over the years, with external glazing panels falling to earth with a bang from the Gherkin – (thankfully with-out injury ), The Walkie Talkie developing super powers by melting cars parked in the streets below and the former Nat West Tower surviving a major terrorist attack, presumably targeted due to its prominence in the city landscape.

The unique issues thrown up by tower construction also apply to the office interiors. If you are considering occupation of one of these high profile icons, the challenge of creating a compliant office design scheme that can be delivered within a fixed timescale should not be taken lightly.

Obtaining alteration consents from demanding landlords agents, understanding the often complex services issues, through to managing with military precision the deliveries to the 40th floor it is not a job for run of the mill suppliers. It is crucial that you either select designers and contractors experienced and expert in your building, or in the case of a newly finished building take great care in sourcing the very best that the industry has to offer.

Tall building experts

Seeing first hand some of the disastrous results of poorly executed office interiors projects inspired the creation of Strategy Hat to support the novice tenant through the process of relocating office. We are well versed in the complexities of the high specification London landmark buildings and more importantly have inside knowledge of the very best contractors capable of taking on your scheme.

We are able to introduce you to industry experts to support the creation of design concepts, congruent specifications and to deliver your scheme smoothly despite all of the unusual challenges ahead.

Well almost all – The owners of the Heron Tower have just unceremoniously announced it’s name change to the Sales Force Tower to the predictable dismay of the other tech companies in the building, who seemingly have no legal way of preventing the move …. some things I guess just can’t be planned for!


Take a look at our Guides & Checklists to help you with every aspect of your office relocation project.

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