How Much Office Space Do I Need?

As one of the most-often-asked questions here at Strategy Hat, you’d expect a definitive answer, wouldn’t you?

The truth is every company or organisation is different. Every business has different needs to the next. That said, instead of stabbing in the dark guessing how much sq/ft you need, why not plan it out step by step.


1. It’s Now or Never

When considering future needs, it’s essential to think about what you do now. How do you currently use space? What’s working, what isn’t?

Next, weigh up how your business is structured out across departments. Do you need to make any changes such as combine departments, or prioritise one which is growing?

What about how you work? What have staff complained about or asked for more of? Perhaps you need more quiet zones than you have now, or informal breakout spaces for impromptu meetings?

2. Go Back to the Future

Back at the drawing board, draw up a list of design elements you need to change or incorporate into future fit-out plans. Remember: commercial offices today are far more flexible than they’ve ever been.

Therefore, it’s worth factoring in how wireless, mobile technology will change individuals’ work patterns. Less individual set desks needed perhaps, with more shared, collaborative spaces?

Space-savvy companies factor in future changes. That means considering how expansion plans, too, might affect future space needs.

3. Health and Wellbeing

An office relocation or fit out is the perfect opportunity to ensure the office set up is a stimulating environment for staff.

That means taking into account how natural light could be harnessed to create an open, bright space where employees don’t feel ‘cooped up.’

And, of course, it’s vital to invest in comfort areas for staff to enjoy downtime. Plus consider how space, light and aesthetic appeal affects not just staff, but visitors and future employees too.