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Does Your Office Environment Meet the Needs of a 2015 Workforce?

James Bond - Spectre

James Bond – Spectre

Bond is back! With filming on the latest Bond movie – Spectre – starting early next year, fans of the iconic British spy eagerly await the unveiling of 007’s high-tech gadgetry. 

Not to mention the classic Aston Martins, awash with inimitable style and ingenious design. And, of course, a Bond movie wouldn’t be complete without lavish locations, suits tailored to perfection, and a dash of glamour!

Why are Bond movies still so popular? Perhaps they simply give the audience what they want; they fulfil a need. Much like the ‘Bond’ brand, a contemporary office must meet the needs of its audience. What are they? 

An Office Space for Modern Workers

Let’s face it: we spend more time at the office than we do at home. So the working environment ideally must work for everybody. Does yours?

The days of employees tied to a single desk for eight hours have long gone. Instead, the 2015 workforce demands flexibility. That means an agile office interior designed to:

  • Meet variable work patterns
  • Offer flexible working scenarios
  • Enable collaboration opportunities

Without doubt, a light, comfortable and aesthetically appealing office space can improve staff morale. Not to mention increased productivity and staff retention.

That’s not all… If you want to offer ‘exclusive’ facilities to your staff, aim for inclusivity.

WeWork's Tel Aviv space

WeWork’s Tel Aviv space

Inclusive Spaces Boost Performance

Executive office design needn’t be restricted to either open plan, or individual workstations either.

In fact, the trend towards more inclusive environments where employees can work to their best is set to continue into 2015 and beyond…

What does this mean for you? In short, imagine an office space with:

  • Conference rooms and breakout areas where teams can work together
  • Private spaces for employees who need silence/solitude to think/work
  • Comfy seating zones and social spaces to interchange ideas

It makes sense; not everyone works in the same way. That means an office design which respects individual working styles is an essential for 2015.

Of course, in any office relocation or fit out, it’s crucial to consider your team’s office space requirements before going ahead.

A useful starting point is our Office Space Calculator. Why not try out this nifty online tool here.

In the meantime, when you want to discuss office design ideas for a commercial fit out in London or further afield, do get in touch with us.

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