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Bring the Outside In With Your Office Design

According to national statistics, the average employee spends at least 40 hours per week in the office. Little wonder that staff sometimes feeling so cooped up in an artificial environment can succumb to stress.

To combat this, an interesting shift in office design is evolving. Businesses are investing more time into designing a stimulating office environment inspired by nature.


The 'Sky Garden' at 20 Fenchurch Street, London

The ‘Sky Garden’ at 20 Fenchurch Street, London

Escape to the Great Outdoors … Inside

Most of us crave the outdoors: its freedom, freshness and natural shades blending with bright colours offers a sense of space, and stillness.

Did you know that sensory stimulation relaxes people? Helps them tune in to their work and achieve more?

Consequently, interior fit-outs are now featuring more natural elements to help staff do just that. As you know, the right design can literally transform an office space.

In terms of the latest design ideas, there’s plenty! Here are just a few…

Go Green

Potted plants have been a regular feature of office interiors for years. Why not go beyond hanging pots?

  • Introduce a living wall
  • Create a landscaped space
  • Lay down astro turf flooring in a social zone

Greenery – real plants, not plastic – also create a healthier environment, making you feel better!


Wander in the Woods

If you’re refurbishing the office or investing in a commercial fit-out, introduce more natural textures:

  • Wooden flooring and decking for warmth and relaxation
  • Wall art featuring landscape scenes to create a sense of calm
  • A water feature emulating a babbling stream, or fish tank feature for a calming effect

Creating a comfortable environment where staff feel at peace can refocus energies – revolutionising their workflow. What’s not to love?!

Plan Plan Plan

As ever, prudent planning is behind every great office design. From giving the office a face-lift at the Category A stage, or adding bespoke fixtures in a Cat B fit-out, we can help make your planning easier.

To find out more, give the London office a ring on 0207 618 8918.

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