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About Us

About Us

Why Strategy Hat?

Strategy Hat was formed around the basic premise that when a business enters into a complex and capital intensive buying process such as an office move, there is a fundamental necessity for specialist knowledge and guidance before engaging fully with the process. Traditionally companies without an in house property team have selected their supply team and then relied totally on them for guidance and project strategy. There are many first class reputable professionals in the market place, but however supportive and knowledgeable, they will be protecting their own interests and profit margins from day one. Due to the fact that an office move is a relatively rare occurrence there is also a strong possibility of poor supplier selection due to a lack of inside industry knowledge by the client. 

Our concept

Our concept is to provide support to the business community going through an office move or refurbishment, our focus being on the formative planning portion of the project. As we will have no direct financial interest in the detailed design or construction phase of proceedings we can support our clients by providing totally independent advice. Once the strategy is formulated, plans and briefing documents produced and suppliers selected you can then move forward with your professional team confident that your project has strong foundations and the best chance of success.

Our overall philosophy is to provide our service with integrity and a totally dedicated independent client focus. Our vision is to enable novice end users entering into an office move to have the planning and selection capabilities of seasoned professionals, giving confidence and peace of mind as they plan their move and commit to their supply chain.